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Feeling so very grateful for today! Yoga 4 fun was amazing, then my family and I had a great time at the Tate Modern, we had arepas with guacamole for dinner and finally we all danced the night out. The main record we danced to was “Ras Tas Tas”. Watching @oliviapinklondon dance to this rhythm was really funny. She is a natural born dancer, her Colombian blood shows. Happy bank holiday you all. Night night 😔🌟🌖 #grateful #what a day #london #eastlondon #arepa #thanksamillionfromlaura #hackney #haggerston

➡️This #YogaStraps are for sale, will post them this week on my website
➡️Next Yoga 4 Fun Classes will take place on the 6th and 13th of September. Saturday 11:30 AM at the @proudarchivist. We plan to have lunch after at the restaurant, the food is great! Hope you can join us the more the merrier! All levels welcome!
#yoga4fun #feeltheyogahigh #yogalondon #londonyoga

Colour explodes upon shanty towns in neon pink fuscias and bright tomato reds, upifting the soul of the neigbourhood, smiles and happiness abound. “Terron Coloreado” is the first realisation of a concept dreamed up by colombians in the city of Cali to make a positive impact in deprived barrios of the city, through the use of paint, bright colours are infused over the surfaces of the bricks and mortar in order to soak up and reinvigorate the inhabitants with the tropical sunshine that cascades upon Cali, Colombia by the bucketload.Donations and volunteers have made the project a success in the remote town of Terron colorado.

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